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Cyber Lights

LED Show Cyber ​​Lights with your individual logo or picture

We visualize your logo in a modern show with bright costumes and the best LED technology The state of the art LED show enables you to visualize your logos and graphics in such a demonstration. Let the LED show “Cyber Lights” take you into a new world, a new matrix. Similar to the movie “Tron” the audience and artists are drawn into a cosmos of colors and light. Magically dancing lights swirl through the night and create new galaxies and images. Our LED juggler with the newest equipment creates these unique images in a highly choreographed and conceptualized LED show. A modern, visual and innovative choreography of light, dance and juggling ensues.

Project PQ offers you an advanced, original LED show with dancing and juggling lights, which is a highlight for events, fairs or product presentations

A unique feature for this show is the “Tron Table”. In synchronization with the music, the audience can see an animation that fits the light juggling and the show itself. Customers have the possibility to integrate their own logo or event slogan into the animation of the “Tron Table”. This is the ideal way for branding your company. At the end of the show we magically project graphics, logos, words and shapes onto the night sky with two light sticks. This awe-inspiring effect is created through the fast rotation of these same sticks. You can choose the line-up of the light dancers according to your budget and local conditions. From a solo LED show to an LED show with four dancers. In the finale, the pixel poi are programmed to match the choreography and the music. We work with the best material on the market and can equip up to five artists with it at the same time.

This LED show can be employed easily for all kinds of events, also as an alternative to our fire shows. Thanks to the unique requisites we do not need much time at all for assembly and breakdown of the equipment. The graphics are pre-programmed individually. The LED show is ideal as a trade show, a show at a fair or a highlight for an event of your company.

Would you like to book this show with your design? We will gladly send you a personal offer.


  • 7 min or 14 min
  • 1-4 female artists
  • up from 4m x 5m
  • indoor and outdoor all kind of events
  • Logo integration recommended and possible
  • pricing

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