As a choreographer and artistry coach, I had the great opportunity to work at the Staatstheater Mainz on their production of Peter Pan.

In this role I was responsible for training the actor of Peter Pan to find the right body tension for the flying harness. As well to create a good posture for the flight sequences and to develop the flight choreography for Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Here, two different flight harnesses were used that matched the safety requirements at the theater. With a lot of passion and creativity I worked closely with the director Nina Kühnert to bring an impressive production on stage.
In addition to the flight choreography for Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, it was also important for me to realize the choreography for the ensemble. Together with the director, we developed a suitable choreography that fits the play and transports the story further.
In addition to my role as choreographer, I was also cast as the shadow of Peter Pan and will continue to play this role until May. The Oper Peter Pan, written by Richard Ayres, is an incredibly fascinating production that delights young and old alike. I am incredibly proud to be a part of this production and to be able to contribute my artistic skills to such a creative and challenging project.
The opera Peter Pan is a highlight for audiences young and old, and I look forward to playing more dates at the Staatstheater Mainz: Kleines Haus 
Fotos Staatstheater Mainz (c) Andreas Etter

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